Gideon Eshet - The rise and fall of the Finance Ministry's senior officials (an economic essay)
Sigmund Freud - Formulations on two principles of Mental Functioning (from German Noa Kol)
Michel Foucault - Marx, Nietzsche, Freud (from French Shiran Beck)
Haim Hanegbi - "The honey we stole", memories from the Naqba in Jerusalem
Ilan Pappe - On the destruction of the Palestinian cities, spring 1948
Sigal Naor Perelman - The poetry of the "Later Zach"
Muhammad ali Taha - "The sleep of the Gazelle", memories from the Naqba in the Galilee, 1948 (from Arabic Guy Ron Gilboa)
Paul Wexler - On the Slavic origins of Ashkenazi Jews and the Yiddish, a linguistic essay (from English Hedva Isachar)

Raji Bathish (from Arabic Ala' Hlehel), Margo Paran, Marcel Proust (from French Helit Yeshurun), Yoav Rosen.

Tzahy Avramov, Shaul Alush, Yaakov Biton, Liora Bing-Heidecker, Anas Al-illa (from Arabic Nabil Armali), Hila Lahav, David Levin, Vered Rivkin, Noam Sadot, and five Guntanamo prisoners - Abdulaziz, Ustad Badruzzaman Badr, Jumah al Dossari, Sheikh Abdurraheem Muslim Dost, Ibrahim al-Rubaish, Siddiq Turkestani (from English Yitzhak Laor).

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