Poetry :


Daphna Birenboim-Carmeli Age limit in the health professions studies: Israeli universities' response to the increase in Arab participation in the labour market.
Eric Hobsbawm "We should not claim to know whither this is leading us", an Interview (from English Daphna Birenboim-Carmeli and Yitzhak Laor).
Tikva Honig-Parnass A solution that disregards Palestinian national rights, on Yehuda Shenhav's book.
Yitzhak Laor Melancholy, comedy and Israeli democracy.
Oded Wolkstein On Joyce Carol Oates.

Mohammad Al-Salami (from Arabic Guy Ron-Gilboa), Sigal Ben-Yair, Navit Barel, Leore Dayan, Rachel Dana Fruchter, Mahmoud Darwish (from Arabic Guy Ron-Gilboa), Sara Khavi, Hila Lahav, Haya Mashav, Ceslav Milosh (from Polish David Weinfeld), Constantin Moshkovich, Ayala Oren, Sigal Perlman, Petia Ptah, Hagit Sabag, Edoardo Sanguinetti (from Italian Yitzhak Laor), Amir Akiva Segal, Yanis Ritsos (from Greek Rami Saari), Wis?awa Szymborska (from Polish David Weinfeld)

Gershon Gershon, Miri Litwak, Hanoch Levin, Yoram Naslavski, Joyce Carol Oates (from English Daphna Rosenbluth and Oded Wolkstein), Ilay Rowner

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